Silvino Medina


Project Overview

During these last months all the members of the class have come together to create the best project possible in a very limited time. I believe I speak for all class when I say that none of us expected such a high involvement and such a good result. Being part of this great project has been a pride and a memorable experience, which has given me a lot of new knowledges and a little idea of ​​what it is like to work as a real studio.

As a member of the art team, my main role in the project has been 3D modeling. Throughout the project, I have been in charge of modeling many of the maps and assets that appear in the game, as well as helping with the audio section in the last stage of the project.

My contribution

As I said before, my main task throughout this project has been 3D modeling. As you can see below, I have modeled 2 Tatooine maps, 2 Hoth maps, an Imperial Cruiser map, various props for each of these levels and some vehicles and weapons for the main character.

Other Stuff

Props choice

At the beginning of the project I was also in charge, together with Christian Piña and Marc Palma, of making some lists of all the necessary props for each of the maps, with visual references to make it easier later. the modeling process

Props List

Props Reference List

2D/3D Concepts

Before starting with the modeling of the maps and the creation of props, we spent two weeks preparing some concepts of how we wanted the maps to be and what artistic style they would have. By doing this, when push comes to shove, modeling would be much easier and no problems would appear.



Searching Audios

In the last bars of the project I was helping the audio members in the search of some of the remaining audios to implement. Apart from this, I was also in charge of conducting several QA sessions to find possible problems related with the audio of the game and communicate them to the people in charge for its quick correction.