Pol de la Torre


Project Overview

As a member of the art team, my main position within the art department has been as animator, animating all kinds of characters taking into account the aspects of the design department as the feel of the animation or the duration, I have also modeled some allys and enemys and I have directed the initial cinematic.This project has made me realize the passion I feel for animation and everything related to 3D, I can say that it has been an honor to carry out the animations for this team and this project.

My contribution

Rancor Animations

Rancor Melee Combo

Rancor Roar

Rancor Recovery

Rancor Die

Rancor Rush

Wampa Animations

Wampa Roar

Wampa Rush

Wampa Die

Bantha Animations

Bantha Walk

Bantha Charge

Bantha Run

Heavy Trooper Animations

Heavy Trooper Dash

Heavy Trooper Die

Heavy Trooper Run

Heavy Trooper Walk

Death Trooper Animations

Death Trooper Wander

Death Trooper Die

Storm Trooper Animations

Storm Trooper Die

Storm Trooper Running

Din Djarin Animations

Din Djarin Running

Din Djarin Die

Power Droid Animations

Power Droid Idle

Power Droid Walk

Power Droid Scream

Other Animations

AT-AT Walk

Grogu Idle

Skel Rush Ball

Razor Idle


Moff Gideon Cape Off

Moff Gideon Die

Moff Gideon Recovery

Moff Gideon Running

Moff Gideon Spawn Phase 2

Moff Gideon Recoil

Initial Cinematic