Pau Raurell


Project Overview

My main position within the art department has been as 3D modeler. During the project I've modeled chacters, props and rooms for all the game levels. As a secondary task I worked with UI during the initial phase of the project.

My contribution


Before modeling rooms for the different levels of the game, I modeled two of the characters, the story character Bo-Katan and the shop character Watto.



My main task during a lot of sprints was making rooms for differents levels so I had to create environments for each planet of The Mandalorian: Ashes of the Empire

Tatooine Cantine
Modeled by me and finished and colored by Oscar Reguera
Hoth Post Boss Room
Imperial Cruiser Pre Boss Room

Other Stuff

These are some secondary contributions I've made to the project, such as the first HUD approach (later it was changed as the menus art syle changed) or the art documents which purpose was to stablish an artistic mood for each level.