Pablo Galve


Project Overview

I am a team member in the code department, I participated in c++ game engine development, c# gameplay programming and web development.

My contribution

Particle System

I worked in the development of the particle system in the game engine using c++.

My contribution included:

  • The billboard.
  • Building the base code of the particle system.
  • Coding some particle effects such as rotation, spawn in area and sphere shape.


I developed systems for the HUB using c# such as NPCs spawn system in random spawn points.

On each game, the NPCs will spawn in different positions with correct animations and everything set up.

Skill Trees

I worked in the skill tree system.

Skill Trees

Vehicles & Turret

I coded the movement and rotation of all the vehicles and turrets in the game.


I developed the entire website using html, css and javascript. I collected data and received feedback to improve all the functionalities and aesthetics of the web.