Oscar Pérez


Project Overview

As a member of the code team I have actively participated in both the development of the engine, implementing tools and systems in C++ that have helped create and shape our game, as well as in the development of the game itself by doing gameplay scripting in C#.

I have learned a lot of useful programming tips and tricks from my code teammates during the development of the project, but most importantly, this project has helped me improve my coding skills and how to work with a large group of people efficiently. I have also learned how to manage a small team during my 11 weeks as a Scrum Master.

I'm very proud to have worked with such an amazing and talented team of developers in this great project.

My contribution


Developed the entire post-processing system and pipeline as well as all the real-time customizable post-processing effects included in the game.

These effects include:





Particle System

Designed and implemented the particle system and coded most of its effects such as emission shape, velocity over lifetime or size over lifetime, among others.

Stencil System

Created a stencil system that allows visualization of character through walls, with specific colors.

Blaster Aim-Assist & Objective Selection

Developed an aim-assist system for the main weapon that selects objectives and aims towards them when shooting based on the following weighted attributes:

Distance from the player

Angle from the current aiming direction

 Enemy/Prop Thread level

Combo System

Implementation of a combo system in game that rewards the player when hitting enemies multiple times.

Sound Engine integration

Integrated Wwise sound engine into our own game engine and implemented first components to work with audio in both the editor and the game together with Marc Rosell.

Smaller Contributions


Low health screen border shader


Animations for the end screen


Grogu wall skill Implementation


Move of words that should cut off to the following line


Debug options for easier testing of features during game development


Room respawn rework


First boons implementation

Math Lib

Expanded our math library with various useful functions and a Vector2 class