Marc Rosell


Project Overview

This project has been the most ambitious and time consuming to date. From day one my goal has been to learn as much as possible, from this simulated environment.

During the development I have been able to meet new people and their methodologies, adapting to each other, and coordinating every step with our department and scrum colleagues, leading to the current result which we are deeply proud of.

In both, game engine and gameplay programming, my main goal has been to keep everything as simple, clean and functional as possible, and tried learning as much as I could from my code teammates.

My contribution

Audio Implementation


During the first two weeks, in the first milestone, along with Oscar Perez, we implemented AudioKinetic as sound engine to create events using Wwise. Once created an audio manager module and the main components for the game engine, both source and listener, we proceeded to create bindings between C++ in engine and C# for gameplay programming.

Triggering SFX

I have been working around audio again, by adding audio feedback to UI, gameplay actions, and more. Sometimes it did imply to work again in C++, for example creating the option for buttons to have assigned sound effects from the engine.

Interactive Music

By using methods creating by other devs, and using the AudioKinetic functionality, I was responsible to implement all music states and switch changes to play all the pieces of music we wanted to.


When it comes to UI, I have been working on the first iterations implementing each button functionality, from the start menu to the pause menu or the victory/defeat screen. Later on, the disposal and functionality have been changed by other devs.

Visual Feedback

During several milestones I was indicated to add and improve different type of visual feedback, from in Hud feedback to partciles and some shaders.

Hud Feedback

I have been responsible to add and iterate some feedback from the hud. The life bar blink and decrease, the weapon heating color blending and so others, were all made by using shaders. I also created the shader and material for boss bars.

Particles Feedback

During some milestones, I have been implementing some of the particle triggers to the game. Along with it, I have modified a bit how some particles work, for example creating a new type of emitter shape for the game engine, to provide some design colleagues with other forms to create particles.

Shaders Feedback

I also modified some shaders to give hit feedback to the player, used in bosses and the player character.