Jose L. Redondo Tello


Project Overview

Very proud of what we have managed to archive in this project, only possible through the joined efforts of the ones involved.

This experience has made me grow as a programmer, and helped me decide that I want to become either a tool programmer or a graphic programmer

My contribution

Real time lights and shadows

Directional & Area lights:

  Normal and specular maps

  Bump depth

  Light and ambient color

  Activate / deactivate shadow casting

  Size, area, fade distance and max distance (area light only)

Area light shadows:

Implemented using omnidirectional shadowmaping

Particle system rendering

The particle system is able to render +100.000 particles at 60fps in the target hardware using instanced rendering. Thought this was my biggest implication in this system, I also participated in the design of the system and coded some effects for it.

Each particle system can hold multiple emitters, with different settings such as:

  • Particle rate
  • Texture
  • Delay
  • Color
  • Max - min life time
  • Max - min size

The emitters can also have different effects applied to them, for example the ones shown in the left have: Color over life time and area spawn.


Rancor first implementation

  • State machine implementation
  • Decision making
  • Melee combo
  • Projectile attack

Moff Gideon final implementation and polish

  • State machine implementation
  • Decision making
  • Slash combo
  • Lightning dash start an recovery

UI rendering system

The UI system is based on a canvas that holds all UI elements, which will be rendered to the game camera. The UI elements can be moved using the 2d transform component.

The UI can automatically adjust to the width and height of the screen or maintain it's size independent to the screen size.

It includes a text system that supports TTF fonts, and allows to set a maximum length and change it's color.

I also worked on UI ease-ins, fade-ins, button transitions and the grenade reload effect.


Grogu movement first implementation and push skill

The first movement implementation was based on colliders that defined witch positions Grogu would collide with a wall.

Dinjarin state machine rework implementation

Debug menu