Jan Adell


Project Overview

In this project I have been working in three main areas: UI, Particles and Audio.

My main workload was located on the development of the UI -both HUD and Menus- and once a good baseline was achieved I started working on Particles. Later on I was put in charge of Audio production in the project, working on both music and SFX.

In the course of the project I have been Scrum Master for 4 of the 7 development milestones, allowing me to also partake in organisation and management duties related to the scrum's workload in each milestone.

Developing The Mandalorian: Ashes of the Empire has taught me the joy and effort put into the less flashier side of videogame making, as well as how hard, yet fun, it can be to work in a project of such magnitude.

My contribution

User Interface

In UI I worked mainly on the conception of both the HUD and the Menus, as well as their composition within the game. I worked on the three HUD iterations we've had during the course of the project, as well as the first two iterations for menus.

I also created the baseline design for the Health Bars for our bosses as well as the conceptualization of the third main menu iteration and the definitive End Run Screen.


My work in particles was mainly to produce new particles, both purely aesthetic -like Rancor's roar particle or the Geyser particle- and feedback based ones -like the hit particle, or Sniper and CPD refill particles-, which would then be implemented and iterated based on their appareance on each exclusive trigger.

I also worked on producing a particle showcase video which showns some of the work we were doing at the time.


When working in Audio I was mainly in charge of producing Interactive Music. I produced new music for both Levels 2 and 3, as well as remodelled the music we already had for the Bosses to make it interactive as well.

Once work on music was completed I focused mainly on producing new sound effects and polishing volume values so as to not have effects which were too aberrant or loud.

Skill Trees

I also worked on the design of the Skill Trees initially, and returned to work on them later down the line on the project, to remake them so as to make them fit for the game, taking into account the changes and progress we had made during development.