Eudald Garrofé


Project Overview

Being part of the design team, I have been able to work in different and varied aspects of the design process maintaining a good communication with the different departments and scrums involved in what I was doing in each moment so that the result was the optimal one.

In addition, during practically all these months I have been in charge of a scrum as scrum master, each milestone with different members and objectives.

Level Design

I have been in charge of designing most of the levels and rooms, from level 1 to 3 and including other enviroments like the Tutorial Room or the Hub where the player will be returning after each run. During the process I worked on:

Sketching and Designing each Room

Defining the Art Style and audios
Boss Room based on each Boss Design

Prototyping and Testing on Unity
Waves System Definition

Level 1: Tatooine

Tatooine is our first level, it's intended to introduce the player to basic-mechanic enemies and terrain mechanics, such as Traps, Barrels or Void.

While designing Tatooine I tried to focus on symmetric rooms and aimed to make the player pay attention to his surroundings.

Level 2: Hoth

As our second level, Hoth's design focuses on asymmetric rooms and spawning layouts.

It's intended to give a more "open" feeling to the player, a level with less boundaries and more chaotic, adding mechanics such as the damaging terrain or the geysers, and of course, new enemies.

Level 3: Spaceship

Our last level, Moff Gideon's Spaceship was design with the intention to be a mix of both symmetric and asymmetric rooms.

Walls surrounding each room were added in order to give a break to the player since the new enemies on Level 3 are the hardest and the most attention-requiring.

Other Enviroments

Hub: Mos Eisley's Cantina

Designing the Hub room into which the player will return after every run based on Star Wars' Mos Eisley's Cantina interior.

It was needed to define what does a Hub need in order to be a Hub. What could the player do there, Wich npcs will find? Wich feeling will the Hub evoke? It will really feel like a home-safe enviroment?

Tutorial Room Revamp

From the playtests we saw how the players weren't learning what they were supposed to learned on the previous tutorial.

That so, I was put in charge to revamp it, so I designed and blockouted the first iteration of the current tutorial wich aims to teach the player everything he needs to know.

Enemies & Boss design

On the other hand, I was working with two other teammates, in the initial design of two enemies that we incorporate in level 3 and the final boss of this level. From their behavior, their characteristic skills, references of the saga and numerical values. When designing these enemies we tried to focus on mantaining a balance between challenge and fairness

Heavy Trooper

Moff Gideon

Death Trooper

Also, tested our first approach to Deathtrooper design by prototyping its behavior in Unity.


I worked on several teasers for social media accounts. These teasers were meant to introduce our followers to the different enemies from our game. So I tried to give each one a unique and distinct personality. By creating a custom scene on unity based on our game's props and animations I made short introductions to each teaser.

Death Trooper

Heavy Trooper


Wampa & Skel



For the trailer, the main pipeline was the same as teasers pipeline but in a much more ellaborated and meticulous way.
We first defined an storyboard and focused to have believable environments in Unity related to our different levels. Working with Cinemachine and Vritual Cameras we achieved a cleaner and smoother filming.

Minor Stuff

Rooms Transition

Alongside with Ferran, we decided how the transition between rooms and levels would work. We tried to avoid horizontal progression at all cost in order to make every room accessible from any other room.

Scrum Master

During the whole project I've been working with my teammates as a Scrum Master, each scrum with different colleagues and objectives. I can say that being a Scrum Master for these 3 months, working and managing different people while being under pressure helped me develop my soft skills.

Adding Dialogues

Alongside with Javi and Pol Galan, we added most of the dialogues of each NPC.