AdriĆ  Serrano

Design Lead

Project Overview

In this project, I've assumed the role of Design Lead. This means that rather than focusing on producing content for the game, my focus has been on two different tasks:

First: team management.

  • Making sure all designers knew what their task was and what we needed them to accomplish.
  • Checking on other departments, ensuring that all things were being implemented following design guidelines.
  • Creating and maintaining communication channels with and between all designers to ensure we worked in the same direction.
  • Being in constant communication with all other leads to maintain an optimal development pace without losing cohesion.

Second: keeping the design consistent.

As an isolated member, it's too easy to lose perspective and focusing on the task at hand, without consideration of your peer's work or what is the overall goal we're following. Thus, my job has been to define, communicate and ensure that the design of the game is always following that goal and all members adhere to it.

Design leadership

Core Design

Defining core game loop and core game pillars

Establishing design pipelines for all elements: maps, enemies, upgrades...

Constant feedback and iteration on all design elements

Managing design priorities and reviewing process

Team Managment

Organization and Communication

Ensuring clear communication between Design and Code / Art

Conducting and recording of weekly meetings to discuss the direction of the project

Actively searching points of future conflict and eradicating them beforehand

Keeping tabs on each member, its status and the state of his work

Making sure everybody works and feels in a positive environment

Odds and Ends


Rewrite all social links from stages one to five


Rebalancing most boons and reinterpreting them to fix new combat system

Area Lights Math

Helping with math related problems (2D projections & interpolation)


Confection and revisiting of the GDD


Conducting multiple playtest sessions in both playtest phases

Prototype tester

Playtesting prototypes until they get the green light to be implemented