Adrià Ávila


Project Overview

When we started this, I didn't thought that the project would go so well and after a few months, I have to say that we have released a very competitive game for the time we had. I think we did quite a good job. I have been in charge of different things from different sectors during the whole project. Going from designing and prototiping to coding and bug solving.

My contribution


At the start of the project I did some level desing and concept. I have done some room designs that were iterated later and some others discarded, apart from that, I have also did the first blockouts for the level 1 and implemented them in the Unity's prototype.


I prototyped some of the core aspects of the game. Firstly I did the AI for Bantha, Stormtrooper, Skytrooper and laser turret, and lastly, the explosive barrel. All enemies have behaviours for wander, attack and chase player. During this implementation I have been correcting some problems that turned up in the prototype and helping others participating in it.

After this, I did Wampa's and Skel's AI prototypes with theirs attack sets and movement ready to be played in prototype.


About code, what I did first was the first iteration to the shop implementation, which needed corrections and further functionalities. I did heavy changes in how it works and added a lot more boons to it. In addition, I have added randomization to shop items generation and boons effects applying when bought. When that was finished, I did the coin drops for enemies when killed. After that, I started working in some extra debug options, those are: Add resources, Skip level, Toggle FPS, Toggle scene tris and Toggle boss damage inmunity.

Finally, I did some HUD and text related work. That includes: Adding extra info to ens screen, character's names in dialogs and dialog system changes to allow portrait image change during dialogs. Apart from that, I have also changed main menu characters and made its movement smoother.

Bug solving and corrections

For this last part, I did some corrections and bug solving to Wampa and Skel bosses. Those issues were related with some attacks not working as intended, some missing details like hit effect and some bugs related to movement. Apart from that, I did a moeny rebalance to solve the issue of having too much money.