Aaron Guerrero


Project Overview

During this project I have assumed the role of Producer, taking care of the implementation of an agile methodology, making important decisions and ensuring through redistributions and meetings to meet all the requirements of each deadline.

In addition, I have also taken the role of "Community Manager", and also of organizing classes and events, collecting feedback from forms and information from the Stand-Ups to summarize them to the leads so that they have a more global vision.

My work has not been based on developing systems or specific aspects for the project like the rest of the roles, but the passive responsibility of keeping all the aspects exposed below working constantly.

My contribution

Agile Methodology & Tools

I implemented the Scrum methodology distributing teams of approximately 3-6 people with a particular list of goals and a Scrum Master as a mentor and to take the organization to more specific points inside the little teams.

The Milestones had a duration of 2 weeks with clear objectives and goals. The Sprints lasted a single week and served to study progress at the end of each one, and redistribute people between Scrum teams to the most overdue goals.

With the tools used I decided to take a very centralized policy, using as few as possible so that people don't spend time searching between platforms. We have mainly used Discord for all types of communication, Hack'n'Plan to keep track of tasks and Drive to share documentation. GitHub was also used to work at the development level altogether.

Centralizing Communication

I have served as a communication bridge between the CITM University, the Investors (Professors), the leads of the departments and all the members of the studio for more general topics, evaluation stuff or events.

Announcing news, working to improve the quality of some events, passing information about those to the studio, discussing them with the leads and in general making summaries of the documentation and ensuring the correct delivery of different files to the Investors. In addition, on some occasions I have tried to collect feedback from the studio through forms to improve different aspects of the project.

Organizing Events

I decided on the structure of each milestone presentation, granting the prepared templates to the studio with certain rules to optimize the duration.

I have also organized different events such as two playtesting sessions where I gathered enough people to carry out the testing session with interesting results and I reviewed how the procedure was done.

Among others, also the methodology to take full advantage of Smilegate's "Motion Capture" was also organized as well as possible.

Community Manager

I have also assumed the role of Community Manager taking charge of social networks such as Twitter and YouTube.

I decided to approach social media more as a "demo reel" to use it as a way to show the project quickly, since in practice there was no need to gain a "player base".

In addition, our Discord channel has also been structured, with Scrum and department roles, in order to speed up the use of the platform as much as possible.

Classes, Stand-Ups & Meetings

Throughout the project I have also had to take care of the assistance, organize the classes, organize the Stand-Ups and hold various meetings, mainly with the group of leads but also for various personal problems of different members or any type of project issues.

Problem solving and Decision making

In summary, everything has been a constant decision-making and problem-solving that as a result has given all the aspects mentioned above.

It has been a role without a defined schedule or tasks, so it is a passive tension that you have constantly thinking about how to continue creating ideas that can improve the project, better organize and distribute all the work in the ideal way.